Standing Committees: Chair Vice Chair Member
Buildings & Grounds DiMarco Cassidy Romero
Finance, Insurance & Administration Marino DiMarco Azzolini
Fire & Emergency Services Azzolini Romero Altamura
Law, Land Use & Code Enforcement Cassidy DiMarco Marino
Police & Drug/ Alcohol Abuse Altamura Azzolini Cassidy
Public Information & Events Altamura Marino DiMarco
Public Works, Recycling & Utilities Romero Altamura Azzolini
Special Committee Chair Vice Chair Member
Educational Facilities DiMarco Azzolini Cassidy
Recreational Facilities Marino Altamura Romero

Liaison to Board or Commission: Liaison
Board of Education Marino
Board of Health DiMarco
Community Development DiMarco
D.A.R.E. Marino
Emergency Management Azzolini
Historical Society Cassidy
Joint Insurance Fund Azzolini
Keep Wood-Ridge Beautiful Committee Altamura
Library Board of Trustees Cassidy
Local Assistance Board Cassidy
Local Businesses DiMarco
Land Use Board DiMarco
Recreation Commission Altamura
Senior Citizens Altamura
Shade Tree Commission Romero
Veterans Altamura